WOBM is an easy to use and highly innovative “step-by-step” tool that will guide you through the strategic planning process.

Step by step,
the Way Of Business Makers is made.

How does WOBM work?

You just have to use the yellow cards in order and advance along the way following the instructions. WOBM will tell you what to do at all times.

WOBM is divided in 4 stages

Stage 0 or pre-strategic: WOBM will help you better understand the environment in which your company operates or will act.

Stage 1 or strategic: WOBM will help you make strategic decisions based on analysis, not intuition.

Stage 2 or tactical: WOBM will help you decide what means you are going to use to get your value proposition and your products to your customers.

Stage 3 or action: WOBM provides you with an action plan so that you can easily execute your strategic plan on a day-to-day basis..

Who created WOBM?

Rubén Hervás - CEO & Founder WOBM

I created WOBM after 25 years of study and experience as a teacher and business man.

I firmly believe that WOBM can help you launch or improve your business.

Rubén Hervás
Professor at ESIC
CEO at Cornicabra and WOBM

WOBM is a sequential, logical, orderly and interconnected process.

WOBM - Way Of Business Makers

This is your way, these are the WOBM tools

Step by step, the Way (Of Business Makers) is made.

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