WOBM is a free, easy to use and highly innovative “step-by-step” tool that will guide you through the strategic planning process.

You've never used a tool like WOBM before.

Step by step,
the Way Of Business Makers is made.

Who is WOBM for?

WOBM is useful for consultants, managers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, teachers, students, agencies, business schools… and we are sure that we are forgetting someone.

WOBM is a sequential, logical, orderly and interconnected process.

WOBM is a sequential, logical, orderly and interconnected process.

How does WOBM work?

Just use the yellow cards and move along the way following the instructions. WOBM will tell you what to do at all times to get your best strategic planning.

WOBM is divided into 4 stages

Stage 0 or pre-strategic stage: WOBM helps you better understand the environment in which your company operates at present or will do in the future, in order to create innovation to differentiate your business from your competition.

Stage 1 or strategic stage: WOBM helps you make strategic decisions based on analysis, not intuition.

Stage 2 or tactical stage: WOBM helps you decide what means you are going to use to get your value proposition and your products to your customers.

Stage 3 or action stage: WOBM provides you with an action plan so that you can easily execute your strategic plan on a day-to-day basis.

What will I get when I finish the way?

An objective analysis of the environment in which your company operates or will operate.

How big your market is.

What tasks can your products or services solve or minimize for individuals, companies, or customers.

What combination of different business models is the best for your company.

Innovation for your company and products / services created through specific tools.

A value proposition, highly useful in Marketing, based on analysis, not intuition.

A different approach in the delivery of your value proposition to your clients.

You will understand the differences in behaviour patterns of the 6 coexisting generations in the digital age.

New products / services or ways to improve existing ones, including models and information to develop.

A specific segmentation of your target audience.

Buyer persona as a result of analysis, not intuition.

Optimal distribution channels for your products / services.

Expected positioning map.

Total alignment of your business strategy and marketing plan.

Fully defined sales and marketing funnel.

What marketing tactics are optimal for your business.

Creative concepts that will help you specify your campaigns.

Fully defined marketing campaigns, even with mockups.

Landing page mockups ready to program, which include the key elements to achieve your goals.

A complete and easy-to-use schedule so that you can guide your strategic planning in your day-to-day.

Other data and conclusions interconnecting the previous points, achieving a complete alignment of your strategy.

Who created WOBM?

Professor Rubén Hervás created WOBM after 25 years of study, research and experience as a teacher, Master’s Program Director and entrepreneur.

“I firmly believe that WOBM will help you design your strategic planning process”

Rubén Hervás
CEO at WOBM and Cornicabra
Professor at ESIC Business & Marketing School

WOBM belongs to everyone.
Do you think you can improve it?

If you have any suggestions to improve WOBM, contact us and we will explain our contribution program.

Can I use WOBM for free?

You can use WOBM for free, even for commercial purposes, but always respecting the conditions of the Creative Commons license.

WOBM by Prof. Rubén Hervás is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on work at www.thewobm.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.thewobm.com/cc.